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Chisel Diamond Tools Diaform CVD R 0.500 αº 60º


$ 210,00

Weight: 100.00 g
In stock: 50 pcs

06.05.2019 г.

Diaform Diamond Chisels are used with grinding wheel forming equipment and the diamond chisels can be built into the machine design. The natural diamond used is high quality, can be re-set and relapped also there is a remake service available. These chisels are normally supplied with 40 or 60 degree angles. On most diaform machines two dressers are set up for use in tandem and both can be replaced or interchanged very easily. Mounted adjacent to each other either the roughing, semi finishing and finishing chisels can be set up together. Both chisels are inclined at an angle of 5 degrees to the wheel centreline at the point of contact, providing the ideal cutting conditions. Various angles and radius are available.