Producer of instruments for machine-building, stone-working, jewelry and clock industry from natural and syntactic raw materials.

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11/12/2018 Gary Braun

"Excellent! I'm very happy with the transaction and the diamond polish products that were purchased."

15/01/2019 Gordon Roundy

"Worth the wait. Very nice family business, great product. I'm very happy I decided buy even knowing shipping would take a while to get here. I'm very happy. Definitely puts a razor edge finish to my knives. Great buy for the quantity and quality."

26/03/2019 Jim Eickhoff

"just received package came in way earlier then expected!!! have not used yet expectations high though and from looks of it expectations will be met..."

01/04/2019 Joshua Adams

"The compound was of exceptionally high quality, and arrived remarkably fast, so don't let the shipping distance dissuade you. Additionally, I received a hand written note about future business and a hand knit bracelet from the the owners wife! It reminded me of doing business in a small town where the shop owner genuinely cares about every customer. I give this company my full endorsement."

12/04/2019 Kristine Holasek

"This chisel is very nice and solid. Having fun chipping away at a hunk of granite."

15/04/2019 Zlatara


15/05/2019 Marjorie Griffin

"Wow, seller took the time to write a hand written note on the invoice & wife made a bracelet for me! The world would be SO much better with super people like this! The diamond paste works great, I am definetly going to put more orders into products & people behind the products like these two great people!!"