Producer of instruments for machine-building, stone-working, jewelry and clock industry from natural and syntactic raw materials.

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«Ukrainian Diamond Tool»  –  Ukrainian producer of the diamond and carbide tools since1999. 

 We produce instrument for machine-building, stone-working, jewelry and clock industry from natural and syntactic raw materials.

Machine manufacturing

  • Diamond pencils for correcting abrasive circles
  • Diamond in frame 
  • Single point diamond dresser
  • Hand tools for editing abrasive circles
  • Diamond Indenters for measuring the hardness of various methods
  • Diamond paste — for polishing various materials

Stone processing

  • Diamond needles for drawing on a rock for CNC machines
  • Diamond Engraving needles — made in the shape of a pen
  • Drills diamond ring
  • Diamond Cylinder Heads
  • Diamond paste
  • Carbide Chisels for stone processing

Jewelry production

  • Jewelry diamond cutters for cutting edge
  • Turning cutters
  • Jewelry diamond paste

Nanodiamond powder

Spiral Cutter Head for Wood Jointer Planer

Replaceable needles (scrapers) for engraving machines

    •   «Ukrainian Diamond Tool» accept orders for manufacturing products according to GOST, ISO and individual technical specifications of the customer, we able to produce instrument from customer raw materials. Our professionals provide consultations about the choice of instrument according to technical process of the customer. This site contains not all of our products. We are happy to consider all of your requests and technical specifications. Please, feel free to contact us, if you have any question.